Joining Pro Portland

PRO Portland Members work together and support each other. PRO Portland meetings provide the format to build relationships with other committed business professionals, to learn about each other’s goods and services, and to share industry strengths and experiences. Belonging to PRO Portland gives each Member the opportunity to extend the reach of their sales department and sales activities, and to gain access to more customers and clients.

PRO Portland Members meet weekly on Friday mornings. We come together to:

  • Exchange new business referrals
  • Establish solid business relationships with like-minded individuals
  • Learn from our colleagues
  • Develop our presentation skills
  • Enjoy the camaraderie of our peers


apply-icon How to Apply

To apply to become a PRO Portland member, your business category must be “open” as we allow only one member per business category. To determine if your category is open, please click on the link below and inquire. If we have an opening for your category, you will be invited to attend up to two meetings as our Guest. NOTE: You must speak with a member of PRO to be invited to a meeting. We are unable to accommodate “surprise” or unannounced guests.

Only one member is allowed in each business category. You will not be permitted to attend if a conflict with a current member exists. Please review the member roster and the Member Application before contact.

As our guest, our Membership Chairperson will meet with you at the meeting and go over the requirements for applying for membership in PRO Portland.

As Pro Portland only allows one member per category, it is important that you look through the dropdown list and see if your category is already filled:

Meetings are currently held both online and in-person as listed in upcoming events.

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