Heidi Sherman

Senior Associate Attorney at Jill Brittle Family Law Group P.C.

The history of Jill Brittle Family Law Group P.C. is deeply rooted in Oregon. After law school, Jill Brittle and Adam Brittle joined Adam’s Father (Timothy Brittle) to create West Valley Law Group PC in Corvallis, Oregon. Although the firm represented clients in all types of cases, Jill’s focus was on family law and elder law, and Adam focused on criminal law. When Tim Brittle retired from the practice of law, Jill and Adam relocated the firm to Portland as Brittle & Brittle, P.C. offering the same services to the tri-county area. In 2017, when Adam moved on to pursue development of a software project, the firm again changed names. As the firm moves forward under the new name, with Jill at the helm, we are devoted solely to representing families and individuals in family law cases as they navigate the legal system.

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